Frequently Asked Questions


What are your walk-in hours?

Our walk-in hours are listed on the side. However, our walk-in cutoff time depends on the number of walk-in patients already registered. For best experience, please call ahead to make sure we are still taking in walk-in patients.

What is the wait time for walk-in?

The wait time for walk-in patients are variable, since it depends on the number of patients and number of doctors. It’s best to call us at (403) 229-1700 to get an estimate of the current wait time.

What should I bring with me when coming to the clinic?

Please make sure to bring a piece of government issued photo ID (such as Driver’s License, passport), and your health care card. Make sure your health card is eligible for the day you are planning on coming in.

What if I don’t have a provincial health care card?

Patients that don’t have a provincial health care card will be billed privately. You still need to make sure you bring a piece of government issued photo ID.

Can I get my test results over the phone?

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose your test results over the phone.

What happens after my test?

When you are sent for a test, ask your doctor if you need to come back to review results. Usually, you are expected to return if you aren’t feeling better or feel worse. You can also come in person should you wish to discuss your test results with the doctor.

What if I want to get a specialist referral?

In order to get a specialist referral, please make an appointment with your family physician. Your family physician will be able to refer you to a specialist, if required.

What services are not covered by Alberta Health Services?

The following services (not a full list) are not covered by Alberta Health Services:

  • Sick note
  • Various Forms
  • Doctor’s Certificate
  • Transfer of Medical Records

What if I need my medical information released to third-party?

You must provide written, witnessed authorization in order to release your medical information to any third-party. Please note this service is not covered by Alberta Health Services, so it will be billed privately.

What if I need help after-hours?

If it is an emergency, please call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room. Additional resources are available here:
Healthlink Alberta – 811
Health and Wellness Alberta
Health Canada
Public Health Agency of Canada

What if there is a discrepancy between what’s posted on the website and company policy?

We try to keep our website as updated as possible. However, in the case of any possible discrepancies, company policy supersedes any information on the website.